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So I'm a piss poor example of a blogger. Go figure.

That's because I really don't regard this as a blog. Sure, it has all of the elements of one, but I really use this as a creative outlet for whatever writing fancy I've taken to at the moment. Whether it be poetry, essays or pictures, it's simply what I have opted to share in this space, available to the casual reader.

I call myself a writer now, a term that I'm still not comfortable using to describe myself. I really am a philosopher, and the writing I do is my tortured attempts at describing the various truths I see floating by on a daily basis. In that sense, the whole of my work here represents the chaotic nature that I view as the state of our existence. I invite readers to relish in the individual postings, but understand that to me it is one part of the whole.

A description of the categories:

Basking Party—an examination of people and their behavior.

Beside Myself—Creative work. Usually poetry or prose.

Say Hello to G-d—an examination of the spiritual.

The Right Side of Town—I used to hitchhike, and have around five thousand miles on my thumb. This is a description of some of my more interesting rides.

Thoughts When Driving My Car—More general philosophical essays or general thoughts.

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